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mmmm leather....

Oh, I almost forgot the highlight of this weekend, I finally found a leather trench coat that fits me comfortably! Too bad I live in a desert climate now. I'll probably have to wait until mid /late November to wear it out some night.... I know all of my friends who live in colder climates are about to smack me now.

Still though, you probably have no idea just how very very very pleased I am to finally have the cool bad ass coat to wear when I head out. Its ideal for lurking and skulking :) It looks a lot like the one that Fishburne wore in the Matrix. Yay leather clothes that fit me! :)


the leather trench

pray we don't have PETA attack us outside of VI for the many cows that died to make your coat (and probably to make the nice, bloody steaks we enjoy!) BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA....

oh and for those friends who live in colder climates, he's not kidding about mid/late november. :o)
That sounds f'ing awesome! I want a trench like the crippled guy from unbreakable had, with the purple lining. . .
Man, if I found that coat, and it fit, I'd be all over it. One can never have enough leather, especially not if it has a groovy purple lining :)