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Yeah yeah yeah, get over it - in other words quiz results...

I did this one before a while ago, but since then they've added the very nifty graphics and it occurred to me to try DragonVPM as well (which I particularly liked).


Vigilant Intelligent Construct Trained for Observation and  Repair

Ultra Spiffy Keen-o..... (wait isn't Keen-o a game?)

Digital Robotic Android Generated for Observation/Networked Violence and Peacekeeping Machine

Although perhaps it would be neater if it was:

Generated for
Violence, and


When are you going to bed? Do ya know if UTEP rents out their dorms to visitors? I really should ask Mr. Dave, but I haven't really gotten the chance.
I should have gone to bed a while ago, but I got distracted working on pictures (see next post).

I would imagine that they might rent rooms. If the UTEP websites don't mention anything, you might try calling them up and asking.

I'll probably be on AIM for a little while longer if you want to chat.


I can't down load anything, and AIM is a taboo program while at work. :(

Re: damn

Ack, that sucks.

Well, I'll look around a bit and maybe check with them tomorrow morning. I'm fairly certain that they do have something available for that (if not they'd be the only college I know of that doesn't do that).
I sent an email to recuit...Hopefully they will call me soon!