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Taking Pictures....

Well, I waded through more random "stuff" from my childhood and I was surprised by something. I came across some really old pictures that I've taken. Like stuff that was 15 years old or so. Apparently I've been taking pictures forever. I think this because my dad used to enjoy taking pictures randomly and my brother R really got into it when he was in high school (he was photo-editor of the yearbook and newspaper and he won awards and stuff for his photos).

So it's probably not all that surprising that I would develop (slight pun intended) an interest in photography by wanting to be cool like them. I didn't get quite as involved in it as my brother did when I was in high school (I went the academic route and got awards and stuff for geek-competitions), but I think maybe that let me keep it fun on some basic level. Looking back now, I find that I genuinely like photography. It seems that I'm always composing pictures and scenes and figuring out where to take pictures and what I can take pictures of etc.... while my brother has mostly gone towards snapshots and the like (granted his snapshots are awesome ;). On the other hand, I've grown to like doing (or at least trying to do) "artsy" stuff with my pictures and with the advent of stuff like PhotoShop, I can do all sorts of neat effects without needing a dark room (something very important as a poor college student) and it's really fun (even though it does cause issues with these old light-sensitive eyes).

I was just thinking about it as I played around with a color b&w photo effect. I got the idea from someone in the photographie community and instead of going to sleep (like I should have) I spent the last half hour playing with one photo and having a really good time of it.

Here's the before:

and here's the result:

I know it's not a work of art, but it was just really neat to be able to sit and experiment with different things. Once I had the idea of what I wanted to do (a colored in black & white photograph effect). The yellow line seemed like an obvious thing to use and since I had the pictures on hand from a couple of days ago I figured why not tweak this one. Oh, and I also removed bug goo from the photo. I think the removed portions are fairly invisible... I have some other ideas of what I can try, but I'm tired, gotta leave stuff to do....

Something I want to play with is the blue sky in some of my other pictures. That might look really neat treated like this....

So - yeah... I should do this more. It's fun... (sometimes I just need to make statements like that to remind myself of obvious things like that ;).

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