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The end of an era....

Well, it looks like SadoMasochism (my firewall/gateway) is crapping out. The previous post was delayed by about 30 minutes as I rebooted Sado and dealt with hard drive issues (which where apparently what caused it to crash :-/). It might be just the one hard drive, or it might be something more serious. Who knows. However, I might be scoring a couple of old machines from my brother and another person in exchange for setting up new machines so I might not be S.O.L.... I guess worst case scenario is that I re-task Spike or SexMachine to be a the firewall/gateway and I completely retire Sado... that would suck though because I like being able to reference how Linux can keep something like a P60 useful in the days of XP...

Eh, this is probably a good thing in the long run (having to shut down all the machines and go through and see how they're doing, clean them etc... I had gotten kind of stuck with the idea that I wanted to see how long Sado would run w/o rebooting and it nearly went a year and it finally crashed due to hardware issues, not OS problems.


I think it's time to seriously come up with a plan for how I want to computerize my house. I have an idea, but I really slacked off as far as seriously making it get implemented. Once I had some machines working I got distracted and started dealing with other stuff... The Suns have just been sitting around collecting dust and for a while I was only using 2 computers. Sado as the gateway and Moya as the main machine... granted I could also put Talyn the laptop into the mix and this was one of the reasons why I wanted the gateway setup. Instead of only having 1 machine with 'net access I can hook up 12 (including the machine that serves as the firewall/gateway). So clearly I should try to get another 7 or 8 machines on my network (of course leaving 1 net drop for non-specific use or visitors ;)

All right, I think I'm putting myself to sleep with this post :-p... It's probably time for bed. I'll ramble about this some more this weekend (assuming that Sado survives that long).

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