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The doctor is in...

I think I'm going to have to give in and rip into the machines tonight after all. This sucketh royally but it's either that or be mostly 'net-less until sometime Saturday or Sunday (and that's just inconceivable ;).

Oh well,...

*cracks knuckles*
*laughs maniacally*

Let's see...

Spare computer parts? check
Random cables? check
Components I've been meaning to install? check
Screwdriver? check
Martini? check
Tools? check

All right time to get started until Enterprise is on (yes, tonight Ima gonna geek out)


Don't forget gloves!

I tore my computer apart the other day and it tore the crap outta my fingers...sigh

...and that was just trying to get the damn power cables disconnected...double sigh
Oddly enough I'm pretty good at not tearing up my fingers (or other body parts for that matter) while working on stuff. The worst I usually get is a scraped knuckle or two and that's most often while I'm working on the cars (computers usually don't have bolts tightened to that extent :).