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purple dragon

The Red Elvises...

Note to self, Red Elvises are performing at Wildhare's on Montana March 31 2002....

In case any of you are curious about who the Red Elvises are, check out the movie: Six String Samurai

They performed most of the music for it. They kinda funky surf rock. Very cool.

Two good bands performing in town within a week of each other :)


and i'm gonna miss it! dammit!

i saw them once in Santa Fe and once in Albuquerque. they ROCK!
Missing acts that came to town was always a big annoyance when I used to live in Boston. I'd always end up missing the random good shows by something like a week (and this would be particularly annoying since, in theory, when I was in EP I was on break and could more easily go see some random show).

Lately though it seems that I've been able to catch a lot of good shows (which is odd considering how often I hear that there is nothing to do in EP)
I call it "Russian surf punk" :)