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Good Music...

Just got back from the concert. Very very very worthwhile.

There was just the right sized crowd so that the bands felt good and got energy from lots of kids bouncing around but no so packed that you couldn't find a nice place to observe the proceedings from.

I was actually very impressed with all the acts. The opening act was so-so, still rough around the edges, but they got people dancing after a slow start so that was good. I think they might be pretty good with some more work. The Slackers were, of course, awesome, and I finally broke my streak of missing their acts (I missed like 3 of their previous shows due to other folks and my own lameness). I was really psyched with their set. I like their music in general and their live stuff is really sharp.

The big surprise of the evening though was Flogging Molly.


I'd never really heard of them (well, I'd heard of them, but I didn't really know what they did) and I was totally blown away. It's not the kind of thing that I'd put on a heavy rotation on my CD player, but I would put their CDs into the CD player and let them play the whole way through. It's rare that I find a band where I enjoy 90% of their songs (i.e. enough to put the CD on instead of say, playing MP3s of my favorite songs). Their stuff is kinda weird, but very cool (in a weird, Irish-y sort of way ;).

All in all, it was a very fun concert and I'm really very happy that I went. I'm going to have to make a point of forcing myself to go to shows like that even when I'm having trouble finding folks to go with or when I just don't feel all that excited about going (today I was feeling a bit blah before the show).

Now if only my computers weren't all f-ed up I'd be a very happy dragon (as it is I'm pretty psyched right now).

Can't forget, next week is the Red Elvises... :)))

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